Monday, 11 August 2014

Returning To Mother.’

The BIS Publications' Summer BookJam 2014

Cindy From BIS in Conversation with Sonia
I am now back home after what seems like a short visit to London, meeting up with family and friends. The completion and publishing of my book coincided with this visit. At one point I was wondering if I would hold the actual book in my hand; then there it was, no longer words on a computer but now transformed into print. I couldn’t wait to open the box to see the book for myself and I can’t express how happy I was.
Byron Lye-Fook watches on

The day of the launch arrived and I had little expectations as to how it would turn out, I just silently asked that the evening be filled with peace, fun and laughter. The day had been

Omar,Sonia & Samia Lye-Fook
overcast and as we set out for the launch it began to rain. I did wonder if people would indeed brave the weather and attend. I was amazed at the turn out, so many family and friends came out to support me and I was truly humbled by the occasion. The other author also launching his book was Alan Sharp whose book entitled ‘Changing Generations’ was also being showcased and as I listened to him talk about his inspiration it made me reflect on what had driven me to write this book that took so many years. As I have said before I wanted my history written down for those that come after me to understand some of my experiences. When I actually distributed my book at a family gathering it was wonderful to see and hear the discussion and questions that came up, around photographs and events in the book that younger family members had not seen before. Here I was witnessing the result of years of putting the book together. I have since had people who have read the book communicating how it has brought back memories for them too and that makes me happy.

I would once again like to thank everyone for their support and encouragement, it means a lot to me. Thank you to Bis Publications for hosting such a wonderful event and for believing in my work. I am humbled and truly grateful.

As always I give thanks to Mother/Father Divine Creator for the many blessings and guidance given to me and to my benevolent ancestors for lighting my path.

A Message From The Publisher

The Audience Listen Carefully to Sonia
It is truly a blessing to us here a BIS Publications when we have been able to help an author realize their dream of being a self-published author. For over one and a half years we were working with Sonia on her book “IN SEARCH OF DESTINY: Returning To Mother”, sometimes in the UK and sometimes on remote using the internet to communicate with her whilst she was in Ghana. When we heard that Sonia was travelling to the UK during July 2014 we said we should have a book launch for her as “IN SEARCH OF DESTINY: Returning To Mother” would be published around that time. And so it happened on Friday 25th July 2014, IN SEARCH OF DESTINY: Returning To Mother was launched to a packed audience, and the world was a better place for it.

The audience included both Sonia and Byron's children and grandchildren, who incidentally she wrote the book for. It was her legacy piece, a way to pass on her families history through a book.

All at BIS found It a pleasure to work with Sonia on this project as she showed dedication, focus and was committed to tell her story by completing the project on time by all means necessary.

IN SEARCH OF DESTINY: Returning To Mother is a must read for the whole family. If you are in the UK, in order to get a copy please visit: