Friday, 21 March 2014

In Search of Destiny: Returning To Mother

Greetings readers from sunny Elmina, Ghana.

Well this is my first blog and I must say I'm quite excited about it even though I don't know where to begin. I've been writing ever since I can remember. I kept journals, diaries and notebooks full of thoughts, poems etc. However, my compositions remained hidden from others because I was not confident in my ability as a writer. In the end I had to tell myself to be courageous, rely on myself and just write even if it was just for me.

Relocating from England to live in Ghana was the starting point that I needed to be confident enough to let others see what I had to offer and to call myself a writer. One of my friends from the U.S.A. Seestah IMAHKUS Njinga Okofu, also living in Elmina, approached me and asked if I could write a chapter for an anthology she was compiling about repatriated Africans from the Diaspora and our experiences living in Ghana. At this point I had already started writing my life story and with her encouragement I submitted extracts from 'In Search of Destiny' to the book entitled "Ababio" which means 'He/She who has returned.'  But I was yet to complete my own book.

During a visit to London in 2012, I saw an advert from for a workshop for budding writers entitled a 1 Day Intensive Course For African / African Caribbean Writers Who Want To Self Publish Successfully, I was intrigued. Would this course help me to finish my book? The course was taking place on the same day I was due to fly back to Ghana but I really wanted to attend. What to do? I booked myself onto the course anyway. I would just have to get organised. My suitcases were packed and last minute arrangements taken care of the day before my departure. I attend the course and made it to the airport with time to spare. I'm so happy I did that because attending the course and meeting Michael and Cindy was a blessing, I found renewed inspiration. From that point on Michael kept in touch with me on a regular basis, asking how far I had got with the book and encouraging me not to give up. It has been a long journey but now the book is complete.

'In Search of Destiny: Returning To Mother' was written because I wanted to leave a legacy for my children and future generations about certain events in my life and what made me decide to relocate to live in Ghana. Repatriation is a life changing experience and needs to be told from the prospective of the people who have made that journey and not left for others tell our story for us. I hope my book will inspire those who have a dream to live it and believe that all things are possible. As for you budding writers out there, we all have a story to tell so go ahead and write about whatever touches your spirit.

My blog will appear once a month and will speak about my life experiences here in Ghana, activities and events at the Almond Tree Guest House and whatever else that inspires me.

May Mother/Father Divine Creator continue to bless you all and light your path.

Sonia Aum Shring Lye-Fook