Returning To Mother

Author: Sonia Lye-Fook

Size: 5.833" x 8.264"

Pages: 134
ISBN: 9781903289211
Price: £8.99
Publisher: BIS Publishing Services

Due Publish date: June 15th 2014

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IN SEARCH OF DESTINY:Returning To Mother' is an autobiography and my first book. I was born in the Caribbean Island of Jamaica, grew up in England and now repatriated and living in Ghana, West Africa. The book charts my experiences in these different countries and the dream I had about returning to the land of my ancestors. Africa was firmly planted in my soul, I guess from a young age; I wouldn't believe the lies, negative images or ideas portrayed about my people. I wanted to experience Africa for myself, to find my own truth. I shared a dream with my husband of returning to Africa, we chose Ghana, to live and be part of Africa's rise on the world stage, but what did that mean? Was it just a romantic notion? It is one thing to have a dream it is another thing to live that dream. Would I have the courage to leave behind my children, grandchildren, family and friends and start a new life in an unknown land? Would my dream be enough to sustain me or would the challenge defeat me?

I hope this book will give anyone who has a similar dream or who wishes to either visit or relocate from the Diaspora to live anywhere in Africa a glimpse of the possibilities that are available in terms of life changing experiences. It has not been an easy journey, the pitfalls are many, but sometimes it is the challenges we face along life's journey that makes us grow, connects us with The Divine Creator and puts us in touch with our higher self. As African people I believe we have to tell our own story and not let others tell it for us. I have been blessed to live the dream and this book is my humble attempt to record my history for my children, grandchildren and those that are yet to come of what it means to return home to Africa.